Trying to be cheap on your software is costing more — A Paradox

It remains as a mystery at the heart of Boeing’s Aircraft 737 Max crisis — how a company renowned for meticulous design made seemingly basic software mistakes that lead to a pair of deadly crashes.

Software inherently is intangible and less visible as it is non-physical. Software is so pervasive in our society that we are unaware of its presence until we encounter problems. The fact is — software is among the most complex and error-prone technologies in human history.

There have been innumerable examples where companies…

There is a prevailing belief that although running a business may make you rich, there’s a good chance it will make you miserable. But my experience and research say it may not be accurate.

Entrepreneurs are so much happier than those going into high-flying corporate jobs, even though sometimes they may be making lesser money.

This is enumerated in Nikolaev’s study out of Baylor University and the article published under “Entrepreneurship and Subjective Well-Being.”

Why is it so?

It is all about control and autonomy. The Entrepreneurs would be working more hours than an average employee. …

Life is a series of unplanned events, well almost always…. But what about people who have a clear vision about their expectations from life.

Being a 9–5 employee, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The quest to chart uncertain terrain of business and explore various entrepreneurial ventures could be the avenues they find solace in!

Stepping out on your own, in today’s high strung business scenario is a venture by itself, especially if you plan to do so independently. …

Vijith Sivadasan

Entrepreneur | Engineer | Investor. MD & Co-Founder —

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